Welcome, to THEDONKEY.NET. My name is Blake and  I am a poker player.  I understand the grind of traveling and playing in poker tournaments.  I developed THE DONKEY as a convenience for those nights and tournaments when you sit and wait and wait and wait, check your email, watch a movie, listen to music etc. and you have to try find a position to hold your phone or tablet. NOT ANYMORE!  THE DONKEY can be conveniently used on your luggage, your airplane tray and yes, that's right the poker table.  So, I thought  you might enjoy one for yourself  as much as I have. Give it a shot and if you like it, please tell your friends.  See you on the felt.   Blake

​8/16/17 update currently we are working on a new additon to this poker product, I think it will make your time at the poker table more convenient.




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